Could it be easier to create
the life & business you really want?

How many times have you heard that you have to
hustle & work harder than anyone else if you want to be successful?

I don’t know about you, but I’m so over it.

Yes, of course we need to Do The Work.

But when you’re building a business around work you love,
you’re in it for the long haul.

Hustle isn’t a sustainable long-term growth strategy.

There is a better way.

Get started now!


Welcome to a Different Way to Live & Work

The entrepreneurs I know want to:

  • Feel aligned with our work, so we can show up as our whole selves.
    (I don’t know about you, but I spent YEARS only being half of myself at work. It was like playing a role everyday and it was exhausting.)
  • Grow businesses that make a big impact in the world, AND that give us more personal freedom.
  • Enjoy our lives as we’re living them!
    Not delay life until we reach some future goal (because there’s always another goal…)
  • Connect to the magic!
    Rituals, seasons, chakras, creativity, herbs -- we love it -- and want to infuse it into the way we live & work.

Since you’re here, you might be feeling that way too.

Feeling like the typical entrepreneur “success” advice just doesn’t fit.

You want something deeper, more aligned, more nourishing, more magical… oh, and it has to fit into your real, actual life.

This is exactly why I created Alchemy & Action.


Alchemy & Action is the membership for entrepreneurs who want to do well and BE well.

Everyone talks about taking action.
Doing the work. Strategies. Tactics. Getting more done.

But only focusing on action ignores the secret ingredient - the entrepreneur as a whole person.
Not a robot or a productivity machine.
A whole person who will feel & perform better in all areas of life when she's centered, inspired, and deeply well.

For example...


Creating a routine is a sensible action step to reach a goal.

But if you turn that routine into a ritual? You’ll get there faster, and be deeply nourished in the process.

Yes, you can make a quarterly plan, and force yourself to stick to it.

But if you align that plan with the natural energy of the season, you’ll get that work done with ease and flow.

Here's What You'll Experience as an Alchemy & Action Member:

  • Use the natural energy of the season to get more done, without forcing yourself.
  • Learn to access your own inner guide, so you always know the right next step for you.
  • Identify and clear blocks that are keeping you stuck in your life and work.
  • Discover rituals, ceremonies and remedies that support your whole life.
  • Explore woo topics to spark your curiosity, in a safe, supportive community
  • Feel grounded, connected, spacious, more confident and in the flow.

"I work better, show up better, feel better when I am grounded & connected to the magic."

- Nichole Sears

Gave Me the Nudge to Finally Take Action

"Alchemy & Action gave me a nudge to finally do things I’ve always wanted to do. Connecting to the seasons and nature is one of the keys to grow myself and my business in an organic and holistic way. It’s really practical, hands-on, easy and fun!

- Mariko Lavender-Jones

Get Aligned with My Own Inner Wisdom

"Alchemy & Action was the perfect next step for me: I already knew on a deep level that accessing my inner wisdom was important, and Amanda introduced rituals and actions in areas I'd been considering but never actually tried. Her teaching style made the topics accessible and created space for me to craft practices that make sense and feel sustainable over time."

- Liza Baker

Here's what you'll get as an Alchemy & Action Member...

Each season, you'll get access to a bundle of lessons, rituals, remedies and more to connect you with the energy of the season and practical tools to support your life & work.

Each season, join me for a live (online) ceremony to connect deeply with that season.
A recording will be available if you can't attend live.

Dive down the occasional "rabbit hole" with us, to explore woo and esoteric topics you've always been curious about (like herbal medicine, chakras, crystals, ancestors, making beauty products and more.) Totally optional but lots of fun!

Connect with other Alchemy & Action members in our private Facebook Group to share, support and encourage each other as we grow our businesses and ourselves!

Alchemy & Action is a monthly membership. You'll be billed every 30 days. Cancel at anytime.


Alchemy & Action is not your typical membership.
It's designed to support, not overwhelm.

Here's why...

  • Bite-sized content: Most content is less than 10 minutes in length. Mainly audio content so you can listen on the go. Transcripts provided if you prefer to read. (And a few videos too!)

  • It's flexible: Consume the content as it fits into your life. Explore the bundles at your own pace, or follow along with me week-by-week.

  • You cannot fall behind. As a seasonal program, you only need dive into what's happening right now. Across the entire year we will touch all areas of your life & business. You don't need to go back and catch up on last season, because it'll come around again next year.

One of the Most Rewarding Things I've Done

"Learning new ideas for a ritual that supports my intentions is really one of the most rewarding things I've learned in a long time.

I would recommend the program to people who are struggling to find their niche in their work (or having difficulty accessing their creative mind) and are open to creating a new routine or ritual for themselves.

I think it would also be helpful to those who feel they already have clear intentions but need to be rejuvenated. It can help you refocus your work on your most important values and help you access your creative mind."

- Shauna Hill

Finally Able to Make Changes in my Habits

"Alchemy & Action gave me new daily rituals that I've incorporated into my life. I'd been wanting to make these changes for a long time (simple things, like meditating and spending some time in nature everyday), but I guess I needed Amanda's calming voice to get me to do it! Oh, and I loved the rabbit holes, can't wait to delve into them further!"

- Dee Safieh

Learn to Follow Your Inner Guidance

"I absolutely loved doing the rituals. I learned new techniques to balance myself and clear blocks which work so well! We each have our own answers within us, we just need to follow our own guidance, and this program helps you do that."

- Michiko Ose

About Amanda

I'm an alchemist who helps entrepreneurs do well and BE well.

Hi, I'm Amanda Cook. Over the past 7 years, I’ve helped thousands of health coaches, nutritional therapists, yoga teachers, personal trainers, acupuncturists, herbalists and other holistic practitioners grow their wellness businesses using online marketing.

You may know me as the host of The Wellpreneur Podcast, where I’ve interviewed over 150 successful wellpreneurs about what it really takes to have a successful wellness business today.

I’m also the author of the bestselling book Wellpreneur, and its companion, The Wellpreneur Planner.

But you might not know that I’m also a health coach and herbalist. I’ve studied reiki and traditional Thai herbal medicine. I use EFT tapping and tarot cards, daily. I ferment sauerkraut and forage for local weeds to make into plant medicines. I’ve created a location-independent business that combines my loves of entrepreneurship, personal growth, travel and wellness.

In my work, I weave both the alchemy (rituals, remedies, ancestors, plants) and action (business skills, marketing, tech) into a recipe for meaningful work and personal freedom.

Finding Myself Again After Baby

"Alchemy and Action came at the perfect time for me. I was 2 months post-partum and just starting to feel ready to think about things other than my baby.

I didn't really know what to expect but I thought A&A would be a good springboard to bring my focus back inwards, to myself rather than solely to my baby. It was invaluable for that - I started meditating again - just 30 second at a time made a huge difference to my mindset!

I went outside and truly noticed what was going on around me rather than just rushing around. I did a much-needed de-clutter of my wardrobe.

I ditched a whole lot of messy thoughts that were cluttering up my brain.

And I have a small sacred space on a shelf that is just mine. There's hardly anything on it, but in a way, that's the point - is an empty, bare space to remember to come back to me.

I didn't have a whole lot of time or brainspace for the programme, but the actions and homework after each week were so simple and straightforward that even I had the time for it.

I think it's a great programme to do to reset and realign, and to remember that we don't just have to do it once a year on January 1st - there are so many opportunities throughout the year to step back and re-assess what's going on around and within you."

- Tasha D'Cruz

Stop Going Through the Motions of Life

"Alchemy & Action got me to think about the difference between ritual and routine, and how I can choose actions that nurture me and provide joy, instead of just doing the things I should do.

I recommend this program to anyone who goes through the motions of life without being intentional about the things they’re doing. It is great for people who don’t carve out time for themselves, who don’t look up from their screens and get out into nature, and who spend a lot of time indoors! Plus, I loved how flexible it was!"

- Sarah Henry

A Spacious, Decluttered Mind & House!

"My mind and my house are much less muddled and cluttered! The course helped me create my own ritual that I now look forward to as MY time and feel the calm coming over me as I start. This course gives us permission to pay attention to ourselves and give ourselves some care. Thank you!!"

- Dawn Ireland

A Creativity Boost

"I feel more calm, centered and peaceful - but at the same time I have more inner energy and more creativity! This course is really for busy people who feel a bit chaotic juggling everything they want to achieve. It helps you connect to nature and your inner wisdom, so you can refocus, recenter on what is important and feel inner space and calm."

- Masako Ito

Immersed in Ancient Wisdom, Insight & Inspiration

"I absolutely adore Amanda's work; her passion for old wisdom, her wonderful recipes, her quirky interests and her great sense of humor! And all of it is accomplished with a great deal of intellect and insight. I often wish I could live at her house and have her pamper me with all her goodness, but, for now, I'm contented with having her as a mentor and inspiration. Thank you Amanda! Keep up with the awesomeness!"

- Ania, Wellness Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a monthly membership?
A monthly membership means that you'll be billed every 30 days to remain an active member. While you're an active member, you'll have access to the current content bundles, rabbit holes, live ceremonies, and member community.
What if I want to cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership at any time.
Do I have to have special equipment?
The rituals are designed to use common household items. However we will be exploring other woo topics like crystals, essential oils, herbs etc, so you may decide over time that you want to add some of these items to your collection, but the core curriculum will not require special items.